Use Scores to Select Left-Leaning NPA’s

Lists produced using Scores have proven to be more reliable than the lists produced using FDP Targets, however the exact definition of each score has not been provided by the FDP.  They have been requested, and if and when they are made available, the information will be forwarded to you via the Weekly Digest and Announcements at meetings.

1. Create a list specifying Hillsborough County, the precinct(s) you want to include, etc.

2. Open the criteria box for Party and select NPA.

3. Open the criteria box for Scores.  You will see the following:

4. To produce a list of left leaning NPA’s, specify a Liberal Ideology range of at least 65 -100. 

The greater the low end of the range is, the more confident you can be that the voter leans left.