Select the Correct Report Format

Recommended Report Formats and a screen shot of each.  As more are created, this list will be revised. 

(Note: This applies to printed lists only and does not affect either the script selected or the appearance of MiniVan.) 

(Note: An * before a name indicates that the report format was created by the FDP.)

*2020 VBM Enroll_Phones:

ID & Recruitment:      Can be used for both calls and canvasses.  

2020 Register Voters (Negative Lists)           This is a format that includes voter names and details with LOTS of white space to write the missing addresses/apartment numbers and the results of the door knock on each.  (For more information see Create a “Negative ” List).

VBM – 2017 Phil       This is a very full, but useful format.  It includes ALL voter details and contact information, some voter history (needs to be updated to include 2018), checkboxes for VBM enrollment and other items. 

Other Available Report Formats that may prove useful. 

*2020 VBM Enroll_Phones:   One consideration with this format is that it offers an option to say that you “collected the form”.  That seems to make it inappropriate for phone banking. 

Calling List – Default:               A good “set of loose-fitting clothes”.  In other words, this provides only voter information and lots of blank space to write notes.

Email Extract for Poll Workers         A report format designed by and for the Voter Protection Team.  It produces a list of names, phone numbers and email addresses. 


Report Formats Not Recommended for General Use with the reasons why indicated. 

2016 VBM Enrollment Walk:             Largely duplicative of others, uses abbreviations that may not be clear to all volunteers, and does not ask for volunteers.

2019 Region 5 Super Duper Dems     Triggers a print process that may not be familiar to all users. 

2020 Margaret Petition Canvassing Designed for use with a specific candidate campaign by the FDP in an uncotested race.

Calling List – Early Vote Location     The need for this report format has largely been replaced byt the use of Minivan.

DEC Poll Watcher Report                 This is a format designed by and for our Voter Protection Team.  It produces a list of voters and their basic voter details along with a column to indicate whether they voted or not.

DEM Mailing List 509               No clue why this format was created or what it would be used for.  It is just a list of voters and mailing address (not from precinct 509 BTW).

Gregg 10pt 2012 Landscape    This is an easy to read call format because of the larger type font.  However, it includes a column that is supposed to sum the # of times the voter voted in three selected cycles; unfortunately, the summation does not recognize when a voter voted in person.    

Gregg 10pt 2012                      Same comment

Katt Canvass Print                   Both report formats were designed for a specific candidate/race.

Katt Phone Bank Print

LPF Call Minimal                      No space for the caller to make any notes.  Does not include any checkboxes.  Just voter name and details.

Voter Registration                   Duplicative of other formats.

Voting History (2010-2016) – no notes         Includes voter details and voting history for cycles indicated.  No checkboxes; not sure when this might be used.

Voting History (2012-2018) – draft               Same comments as above.

Walk Plus Responses               Missing some key voter details.  Does include mention of Lit Drop.

Walking List                              Includes voter’s barcode which wastes space. 

Walking List Barcodes

Walking List – Default            Missing some key voter details.  Walking List – Early Vote Locations           Largely replaced by use of Minivan.