Manage Active Phone Bank (Rounds)

When callers attempt all numbers on a list, that round of calls is deemed “complete”.  Callers will no longer be able to access that phone bank unless you take action.

It is quite likely that while all voters in the phone bank have been called, many were not reached.  The caller may have left a message, but that is not always the case.  In this event you will want to give callers access to these numbers again to make a second round of calls. 

There are multiple ways to provide access for a second round of calls in an active phone bank.

1. Display the Virtual Phone Bank List from the Organizing section of the left menu and locate the Phone Bank you want to manage.

2. Use the slide bar at the bottom of the screen to scroll to the right. 

3. Click on the down arrow for that phone bank.

4. Select Refresh and Send to Next Round.

5. You can also complete this task for several phone banks at one time.  Click the boxes next to the names of the phone banks you want to send to the next roundSelect Refresh & Send to Next Round.

6. Finally, you can open the details screen for an Active Phone Bank and select Send to Round #.  (Note: the number will vary depending on which round has been completed.)

7. It is important to be persistent when making calls to voters.  If they are not reached on the first round, they should be called a 2nd, and if needed 3rd, time.  However, you do not want to alienate voters.  We recommend you limit the calls to three rounds if you are calling for volunteers.  You will want to pursue people longer for GOTV.