Getting Started Frequently Asked Questions

Your email address is your Action ID.  When you accepted the invitation, you
supplied your email address and created a password.  That’s the whole
process of getting an Action ID.  You will not be receiving anything
further from VoteBuilder. 

Getting stuck in the Edit Profile loop is one of the vagaries of VoteBuilder.  Sometimes a recently dropped Cookie gets in the way of logging in.  That is usually the case when you only have access to the Edit Profile screen. 

From the Edit Profile screen, log out of VoteBuilder.  Then go into your computer’s settings to clear Cookies from the last week or so.  If you are not using an Apple product, the instructions below will work (or get you close enough to figure it out).  If you are on an Apple product you will have to ask someone familiar with those devices how to clear Cookies.

In Chrome, click on the 3 vertical dotes in the upper right corner of the screen:  

Choose Settings

Locate Clear browsing data (on an older machine you may have to go all the way down to the Advanced option and open the Advanced Settings before you see it):

Open Clear browsing data and set the following options, then Clear Data:

Log back into VoteBuilder.  Be sure to select Log In with Action ID, enter your email address and the password you created when you accepted the invitation. 
If you still are unable to get in, then the issue will need to be handled in person.