Edit a Script (limited access)

1. In the Administration Menu of the Home screen, select Codes v Questions v Scripts.

2. From the drop-down menu, select Scripts.

3. The list of currently available scripts will be displayed in alphabetical order. 

4. To re-display the list in chronological order, click on Date.

5. The list will be re-displayed in chronological order.

6. To display in reverse chronological order (most recently created first), click on Date a second time.

7. You can also order the list alphabetically by the name of the person who created the script by clicking on Created By.  This is helpful if you are looking for a script created by a specific person. 

8. Locate the script you want to edit.  Click on the name of the script. 

The Edit Script screen will be displayed.  Follow the instructions for Create a Script to edit your script.