Create a Multi-Step Lists

Some lists cannot be produced in one pass through the criteria.  The following lists would require two or more steps to produce:

  1. You are conducting a multi-purpose canvass in which you would like to do Street Leader recruitment and reach out to New Democrats in your canvass area as well. 
  2. You are doing VBM enrollment with left-leaning NPA’s and “Cold Dems”.
  3. You want a list of Democrats in a neighborhood excluding those who have been identified as Street Leaders.
  4. You want a list of Democrats in your neighborhood along with the family members living in their household who are NOT registered Democrats. 
  5. You are doing an opinion survey and would like a random sampling of Democrats in your canvass area.

To produce a list for scenario “1”, you create a list specifying Hillsborough County, the precinct, the party (Democrat) and the voting history criteria for “Hot Dems”.  To add in New Democrats, click on Add Step.   

a. You will see the following.  Select Add People:

You will see the same Search criteria screen you saw previously but it will be labeled Step 2.

b. Once again, specify Hillsborough and the precinct, then scroll to the Target selection criteria.  Select New Dems

c. When you Preview the Results, you will see that the number has increased to include the New Dems on your list. In this case the total number of people went from 795 to 815 due to the addition of the New Dems.