Change VoteBuilder User Access Levels

1. In the Administration Menu of the Home screen, select Users.

2. Once again, select Users.

3. Enter the name of the user whose access level you wish to change.  Select Refresh Results.

4. A list of all users with that name will be displayed at the bottom of the screen.  Click on the name of the user whose Access Level you want to change.

5. The user’s profile will be displayed.  Scroll to the bottom of the screen where you see their current Access Level

6. Click on the arrows in the My Voter User Profile to open the list of available Access Levels and select the new level. 

My Voter Profile User Access Levels

There are thirteen User Access Levels in the My Voters tab.  The intention is to give limited access to upper levels and only give access high enough to allow the user to complete tasks they are required to complete.  Prior to the creation of the new, expanded list of levels it was determined by the FDP that too many people had too much access.  It is also important to be sure that you grant access only to those you know to be committed Democrats (if not limited to DEC members) because there is proprietary information in this database that we would not like to have accessed by Republicans. 

A table explaining My Voters Access Levels and the tasks each are able to (being able to create and edit), assign (being able to give permission for that task to others), view (being able to see but not edit) is available.

Current Access Level Assignments are as follows:

Administrator: This access level is given only to the DEC Chairperson
Assistant Administrator:  This access level is limited to those who assist the Chair in managing Votebuilder.
Organizing Director:  Committee Chairs
Deputy Organizing Chair:  Regional Directors and Deputy Regional Directors. In regions where District Leaders and Precinct Captains pull their own lists, they may also need this access level.  Note:  This is the lowest level at which Scores are available
Regional Organizing:  District Leaders
Deputy Regional Organizing:  Precinct Captain
Organizer:  Super Volunteer