Add a User to the Voter Registration Tab

1. Open the Voter Registration tab.  (If you don’t have this tab, you cannot complete this task.  Ask your Regional Director for access.)

2. From the Administration Menu block, select Users, and when the Users Sub-menu is displayed, select Users again:

3. The User Lookup screen will be displayed.  Determine whether the person already has access. 

4. Enter their Last Name, First Name, and click on Refresh Results:

A list of All Users with that name will be displayed:

5. If the person you are looking for is NOT in the list or you see the error message below, then you can add the user by completing steps 6-13.

6. Click on Search Users Nationwide and once again Refresh Results:

7. If the person does not show up, then they do not currently have a VoteBuilder Account.  You must first add them to VoteBuilder.  See Add a New User to VoteBuilder

8. The user should now appear in the list. 

9. Click on their name

10. The following screen will appear:


11. Select Pull User to Current State.  (Note: If you do not see the option to Pull to Current State, then the user already has access to Voter Registration Data Entry.)

12. You will see the following screen; open the User Profile window:   SelectFDP VR Data Entry – Vols‘, and then Next.

13. You will then see the user’s profile.  Select Save.