Add a New Location

1. There are two ways to access the Add a New Location function in the Voter Registration Tab.  The first is from the Administration Sub-menu on the home screen.  Select Locations from the Administration Sub-menu, then select Locations again.

2. The following screen will be displayed.  Select Add New Location:

(Note: Do this only for frequently used locations, not locations that are one offs.) 

3. The second method of accessing the Add a New Location function is through the Data Entry Sub-menu on the Home ScreenSelect Data Entry.

4. The Choose Batch screen will be displayed.  You will see the option to Add New Location.

5. Regardless of which method you use to get to the Add New Location screen, this is what you will see:

6. The only field that is required is the Location Name, however, it will be most helpful to other users if you provide all of the address information as well.  Select Next.

7. The Locations List or the Choose Batch screen will be re-displayed depending upon which method of access you used.