Voter Registration: SB90 and SB524’s Impact on 3PVROs

[5/10/22 The info below was provided by All Voting is Local – Florida. A printable version of this info is available in English and Spanish here.]

Highlight: We are no longer required to provide the disclaimer when registering voters. Although SB90 is once again in full effect, that requirement was repealed with SB524.

SB90 and SB524: 

Impact on Third-Party Voter Registration Organizations 

On May 6, 2022 the 11th Circuit Appellate Court granted the state’s motion for a stay in the SB90 trial court decision. Pending appeal, SB90 and SB524 are in full effect.

Disclaimer to applicants

SB90 required organizations registering voters to make a disclaimer with the following information:

  1. That the organization might not deliver the application to the division or the supervisor of elections in the county in which the applicant resides in less than 14 days or before registration closes for the next ensuing election.
  2. That the applicant may deliver the application in person or by mail. 
  3. Instruction on how to register online with the division and how to determine whether the application has been delivered.

SB524 has repealed this requirement now that it has been signed into law, therefore organizations registering voters are not required by law to make it. 

Delivery of Applications

SB90 requires that collected applications be submitted to the Division of Elections or the county in which the applicant resides within 14 days after collection or before the book-closing deadline for the next scheduled election. 

*While the trial court decision eliminated this requirement, organizations must comply with the delivery provision of SB90, pending the appeal process. 


  1. $50 for each application received more than 14 days after collection. *$250 if acting willfully. 
  2. $100 for each application collected before book closing and received after the book-closing deadline for such election. *$500 if acting willfully.
  3. $500 for each application collected which is not submitted to the division or supervisor of elections in the county in which the applicant resides. *$1,000 if acting willfully. 
  4. $50,000 cap on aggregate fines in a calendar year. Prior to SB524 the cap was $1,000.
  5. $1,000 per altered application if a person collecting voter registration applications on behalf of a 3PVRO alters the voter registration application without the other person’s knowledge and consent and is subsequently convicted of such offense.