5/19/2022 update: Candidate Petition submission deadline for candidates was May 16. Our amazing volunteers were instrumental in helping multiple candidates qualify by petition. I don’t have the complete list, but Kathy Castor, Fentrice Driskell, Andrew Learned, Lorissa Wright, Jen McDonald, Susan Valdes, and Kimberly Walker all qualified by petition.

Candidate Petitions

We’re currently collecting signatures for petitions for multiple Democratic candidates, with a primary focus on those whose district includes precincts in Hillsborough County. Because it’s a redistricting year, any voter registered in Florida can complete the petitions for state or national level candidates (eg FL House, US House). Only voters registered in Hillsborough County can sign for county level races (eg BOCC, School Board) Guidelines for collecting signatures depends on the venue and audience.

Why are we collecting petitions?
  • It saves candidates money. They can get on the ballot by either collecting enough signatures or paying a filing fee.
  • It helps get candidates early name recognition, which is especially important for non-incumbents or those with new district borders due to redistricting
  • It is a way to engage voters in a discussion about the 2022 elections. Most people are oblivious to the fact that we have an election this Fall.
  • It is an easy way for new volunteers to get comfortable talking to their friends, neighbors or relatives about elections.
Who can sign the candidate petitions?
  • Any registered voter in the state of Florida can sign the petition for state and national level candidates (e.g. Congress, FL House and Senate – most of the petitions)
  • Any registered voter in Hillsborough County can sign for county level offices (e.g. County Commission, School Board)
How to get signatures:
  • If at a gathering of Democrats, such as at a club or caucus meeting:
    • Give attendees the full packet (which includes one of each candidate petition). Ask them to fill out the top petition completely (name, DOB, address, signature, date) and LEGIBLY. For the remaining petitions, they just need to sign and date them. A volunteer in the office will complete the rest. Voters must sign and date each one themselves. If someone has already signed a petition, they should skip it and leave it blank so that we can reuse the form. Check to make sure petition is SIGNED AND DATED by the voter.
  • If at a public event or canvassing:
    • If it is a very Democrat friendly event, try getting people to sign all of them. We got over 250 people to sign the entire packet at Tampa Pride!
    • If canvassing, you may want to offer up just a few that are strategically selected for that precinct/area. Use your judgment.
Where do I get petitions?
  • Request packets from the office – please send request to with sufficient notice to get them copied and collated in time. There are currently only volunteers in the office on Tuesdays and Fridays (10 am – 2 pm)
  • Print them yourself at home or in the office (files are below)
Where do I turn in signed petitions?
  • To the DEC Office, OR
  • To Humaira Afzal
  • Do NOT turn them in to the SOE
What is the deadline?

The deadline to submit to turn them in to the DEC is May 3.

Current petitions:

These are petitions provided to us for help so far. More may be added. Use the half size sheet (without the candidate additional info) for large numbers of packets or for in-house gatherings. Use the full page versions for door-to-door canvassing in the candidate’s district.

All petitions are available HERE. [link deactivated 5/19/22]

Packet Cover Note with list of candidates [link deactivated 5/19/22]

  • Kathy Castor: US House, Dist. 14. Incumbent.
  • Kimberly Walker: US House, Dist. 12. Challenging incumbent Gus Bilirakis (R)
  • Mike Harvey: FL Senate, Dist. 23.
  • Susan Valdes: FL House, Dist. 62. Incumbent.
  • Fentrice Driskell: FL House, Dist. 63. Incumbent.
  • Andrew Learned: FL House, Dist. 69. Incumbent
  • Lorissa Wright: FL House, Dist. 58. Challenging incumbent Lawrence McClure
  • Jen McDonald: FL House, Dist. 65
  • Eleuterio “Junior” Salazar, Jr. FL House, Dist. 70
  • Brandon Peters: FL House, Dist 22 (Levy). Challenging incumbent Joe Hardy
  • Angela Birdsong: Hillsborough County Commission Dist. 2. Challenging incumbent Ken Hagan
  • Damaris Allen: Hillsborough County School Board, Dist. 2. Challenging incumbent Stacy Hahn