HCDEC Library

Using the HCDEC support website to report problems


HCDEC maintains a tracking system for problem reports that routes issues to the people or team best able to respond.  Using this site is very straightforward.

Navigate to support.hcfldems.org

Reporting a problem or issue will open a “ticket” — a means of tracking all the information about the issue and what’s been done to resolve it.  If you’ve never opened a ticket on our site before, you’ll need to create an account.  This simply requires your email address and for you to click the link in the confirmation email.

If you’ve already created an account, or after confirming your new account, just log in with the username and password you provided.  When you do, you’ll be presented with a screen that prompts you to select a Help Topic.  While this isn’t critical, it will help us provide faster response if you select the topic that most closely matches the issue.  (A more in-depth description of the options is below.)

Once the Help Topic is selected, you’ll have a chance to describe the problem.  This is the most important part of the form!  A good summary is very helpful, but a good description is critical!  It’s not necessary to write a novel, or even a short story, but the more specific details that you can provide here, the faster we’ll be able to get the ticket to the right person, and the faster they will be able to start troubleshooting.  We’re sorry, but, “It’s broken” is not enough information for us to act on.

When you’re finished, click, “Create New Ticket”, and you’re done!  You should receive an email confirming that the ticket has been submitted, and you’ll receive an email as work progresses.  If you ever want to check on a ticket, look at the Welcome screen above, and you’ll see that you just click that button.

Help Topic Details

This information was last updated in May, 2022.  Some topics may have been added or deleted.

  • Access Issue
    You believe that you should be able to log into an HCDEC system (email, website, software tool, etc.) but are not able to.  Please note that VAN/Votebuilder access is handled separately (below)
  • Data Request
    For information regarding voters and voter analysis.  Please note that we are generally NOT able to provide data to campaigns (we love our Democratic candidates, but party rules generally require that candidates purchase data access.)  First-time requests may require additional time to obtain approvals.
  • Digital Media / Social Media
    Email, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Tik Tok [insert your favorite social media platform here] and related questions.  Please note that website issues are handled separately (below).  Keep in mind that HCDEC’s support and publishing on social media platforms is highly dependent on the availability of volunteers who are familiar with the platforms.
  • Donations
    YEAH! WE LOVE DONATIONS!  (Oops, sorry, didn’t mean to get carried away.)  At local levels like ours, we don’t have a lot of deep-pocketed donors, and every penny counts.  Please let us know if you have or know of anyone else having ANY problems making donations!
  • Events
    This category is for in-person HCDEC sponsored events, generally not candidate-organized events.  Most HCDEC event information can be found on our Mobilize site.
  • Feedback
    This is specifically for feedback about the support site.  General feedback should be submitted on the HCDEC public website.
  • General Inquiry
    Like feedback, this is for problem/issue resolution inquiries.  General Democratic Party inquiries should be submitted on the HCDEC public website.  Please make certain that there is no other, better Help Topic category before using General Inquiry
  • Mapper
    The Mapper website is mapper.hcfldems.org.  This is a proprietary software tool used for canvassing neighborhoods.  HCDEC partners with Blue Brains to help direct inquires and problem reports to them.
    This is for questions regarding the HCDEC membership and finance tool.  It is NOT for the voter database tool, Votebuilder, that is sometimes call VAN.  Votebuilder is described below.
  • Reference Library
    Use this category for questions and issues regarding the Reference and Training Library site, training.hcfldems.org. (This site.)
  • Text Banking
    This category is for problems using our texting platform, Spoke Rewired.  If you would like to become a text banking volunteer (it’s easy!), please apply through the HCDEC public website.
  • Training Requests
    This can include follow-up questions about past training or new requests, such as  Precinct Captain Training, Votebuilder Training, canvassing training, etc.
  • Volunteers
    For questions about volunteers and volunteer coordination.  People interested in becoming a volunteer should apply through the HCDEC public website, or check the Mobilize site for volunteer opportunities.
  • Votebuilder
    Votebuilder, sometimes called VAN, is the voter database tool of the Democratic Party.  Use this category for questions about access, permissions, and help with using the tool
  • Voter Protection
    This category is primarily for the HCDEC Voter Protection Team and related activities.  If a voter is having any problem with exercising their right to vote, please call the Florida Democratic Party Voter Protection Hotline at (833) VOTE-FLA or (833) 868-3352
  • Web Site
    For issues and requests regarding the HCDEC public website, HillsboroughCountyDemocrats.org, including content changes and calendar requests


Our goal is to assign tickets within 24 hours and we ask our subject matter experts to resolve issues within 72 hours.  That said, we’re all volunteers, so please understand if we aren’t able to respond as quickly as a multi-million dollar technical operations center!

While the support site can be used from a smart phone, using a computer or tablet generally gives a better experience.